Anarchist Publishing fair


Idea & Action

IV edition of the anarchist publishing fair

Two days of spreading and propagandising anarchist ideas.

Two days of books, meetings, presentations and discussions to talk about the history and topicality of the anarchist idea and action, of the indissoluble link that unites them and of their ability to influence the world with the prospect of changing it.

Saturday 21st May

3pm: opening of the fair and stalls of anarchist publications

5pm: I Giustizieri. Propaganda del fatto e attentati anarchici di fine Ottocento [The Avengers. Propaganda by the deed and anarchist attacks at the end of the nineteenth century], ed. Monte Bove, ( 2018. Presentation by the author and discussion.

7pm: Il mondo a distanza. Su pandemia, 5G, materialità rimossa del digitale e l’orizzonte di un controllo totalitario [The world at a distance. On the pandemic, the 5G, the removed materiality of the digital and the horizon of totalitarian control], ed. Bergteufel, 2021. Presentation by the author and discussion.

9pm: benefit dinner.


Sunday 22nd May

10:30am: opening of stalls of anarchist publications.

11:30am: Varkarides – I battellieri. Il gruppo nichilista di Salonicco 1898-1903 [Varkarides – The fighters. The nihilist group of Thessaloniki 1898-1903], ed. Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, 2021. Presentation with the curator and discussion.

1:30pm: benefit lunch

3:30pm: Buscando a la calle. Update on subversive and anarchist prisoners in struggle in Chilean jails. For the eradication of Pinochet’s “military justice” sentences still in force. Analysis by a comrade of the anti-prison struggle space.

Ore 5pm: Capitalismo resiliente. Uno sguardo siciliano su
estrattivismo e nocività nel Green New Deal [Resilient capitalism. A Sicilian gaze on extraction activities and nocivity in the Green New Deal], 2022. Presentation by the comrades of

6:30pm: 18.30: The war and its tentacles. Sicily’s strategic role in NATO imperialist militarism. By comrades of the Sicilian antimilitarist assembly “To those who can hear the ticking”.

Editions and distros of anarchist publications are welcome.

If you come from afar let us know a few days in advance, if possible.

Fiera 2022 pdf

Translated by act for freedom now!

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