The mountain and the little mouse

At dawn on Thursday, September 29, a dozen or more policemen showed up at a comrade’s home with a search warrant for the crime of defacement, which a public prosecutor of the Lecce court had no shame in signing. Having ascertained that only the suspect was present, they decided to send the flying squad officers away to stay only six of the DIGOS, looking for clothing and spray cans. In addition to the house, they also searched his car, a moped and a house in another municipality to which the comrade had easy access. In fact, in addition to a helmet, a jacket and the latest copy of ‘Vetriolo’, which were returned to the owner at the police headquarters, they decided to seize a pair of boots and three stickers in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, because, according to them, they were very much related to the wall writings they were investigating. This is how we begin to unravel the skein of so much investigative diligence for such a crime; a DIGOS inspector, in fact, informed the suspect that the investigation concerns the wall writings that appeared in Calimera (in the province of Lecce) on September 8 (we learn this from journalistic sources because the report says September 18) during the organized ‘week of legality’ on the occasion of the commemorations for the anniversary of the Capaci massacre, in which a Calimera citizen who was part of the escort also lost his life. The affair is beginning to make more sense: someone, irritated by the doggedness of the State towards Alfredo and perhaps indignant at the sanctification of judges and policemen, must have penned those wall writings to prevent them from sing alone their own praises. It is therefore clear that the state, with or without the government, persists in trying to make Alfredo and the infamous prison conditions to which he is subjected invisible. Having recalled him, claiming him free, during the celebrations of those events that led to the ‘temporary’ institution of the nefarious article 41 bis, must have annoyed them not a little and made them descend into ridicule.

We reiterate our utmost solidarity with Alfredo and all comrades imprisoned in various prisons around the world for love of freedom and hatred of those who deny it!

Note of “La Nemesi”: DIGOS stands for Divisione Investigazioni Generali e Operazioni Speciali, “General Investigations and Special Operations Division”, the political police. The Capaci massacre is a bombing by the Sicilian mafia that took place on May 23, 1992, on highway A29, close to the junction of Capaci, Sicily; magistrate Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three police escort agents were killed.

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